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Lord Yupa

February 2010

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Danger Mouse

Video Game I want.

I've seen reviews and heard about this new game that's coming out. I've even seen some pictures. all in all, it looked rather silly, to me.

What's it called? Viewtiful Joe.

I just watched a trailer for a new game that's coming out, called Viewtiful Joe (available here).

Does it still look silly? Yes. But in a totally different way.

And more than that, it looks fun. Really fun.

I want this game. ;-)


There's a demo of it on the GC demo disk that came with my cube. It actually looks really cool, and the play is fun.

The only downside is, it makes absolutely NO sense. Maybe the actual game will explain more what the hell is going on.

Viewtiful Joe.

Yeah, I would love to get a hold of one of those Demo disks. I've heard it's really fun.

I did just read a little clip about the game which explains that the premise of the game is that Joe is a movie fan, and then gets sucked into a movie. Due to this, a lot of the game follows odd and different movie themes, and supposedly a lot of it really doesn't make a lot of sense (just like a lot of movies;-).

It does look cool, though. In still images, the screen shots looked silly, but when you see it moving in trailers and videos, it looks really cool.