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Tonight will be Funky.

George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic style. ;-)

This concert is gonna be a blast. I saw George Clinton and Co. a couple of years ago, and had an absolute blast at the show.

Last time, George Clinton didn't even come on stage until about 40 minutes into the show. Up until that point, various members of Parliament Funkadelic came out and performed solos. It was really impressive, one person would step forward and solo for a few minutes, then they'd step back and someone else would come forward. They continued that way, showing that they are both funky, and truly talented musicians, for some time, until George finally came on stage and they started the "real" show.

I'm also excited because this will be the first show I've been to at the Music Box, which I've heard is the best small venue for music in Omaha. It handles up to almost 500 people, has a separated non-smoking and smoking section (this I like, as thick smoke bothers me (gives me a nasty sore throat)), has good acoustics, and is generally a fun place. They apparently have tables and such setup, too. Sounds like a neat place. ;-)

All in all, I'm set to have a funky booty kicking night, tonight. ;-)

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