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I realized something today. . . something I don't like.

I'm drifting.

A good friend of mine "celebrated" his birthday last week. It consisted of him feeling, if not depressed, not particularly happy. We were discussing it, and we realized that it wasn't the getting older that bothered him, but the lack of progress with his life. As we discussed it, I realized that I was in the same boat, and it's one of the reasons that I wasn't real excited at my last birthday (although, in fairness, I've never really found birthdays to be of much importance).

As I look at my life, I realize I'm drifting, and not progressing. In the past, I always look back over the past year, and think about the things I've done, things I've accomplished, and how I've moved forward in my life. This past year, that hasn't happened. There's little new that I've learned, my current primary source of income is a dead end, and at the moment, I'm doing little about it.

I think I'll take the next day or two to think about this, and then I'll sit down here and try to formulate my thoughts. Specifically, I think I need to come up with a plan of action, and start *doing* something.

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