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Job Interview.

I just got home from a job interview.

It was with the University of Nebraska at Omaha, for a position with the Library computer staff. The position title is Computer Systems Specialist. Basically, it's a network administrator type job. The pay is a bit less than what I was making at IBM, but the job looks like it'd be a lot of fun. Additionally, it has some great benefits (such as discounted tuition), which would be *great*. I'm planning to finish working on my bachelor's degree anyway, and this would just make things a lot more convenient. I think I'd enjoy working there.

All in all, I thought the interview went pretty well. Marc Davis, the guy I interviewed with (and the guy who will be my boss, if I get the job) seemed like a good guy. I don't think I'd have any problems working with him. The rest of the group that I met seemed like a fun group, too.

There were a few points where, looking back, I think I could have done better. A few of the questions I didn't give great answers to, but I don't think I did horribly.

One odd point, towards the end of the interview, Marc mentioned that he'd come across my journal, and asked me about a passage in the "bio" section of my User Info. He was curious about the following bit:
I am an arrogant, opinionated, stubborn, overbearing, pretentious, incorrigible, shameless, smart assed bastard. I also have my bad points, but since this is my journal, I'm not going to discuss those.

I've been told the above statements are humorous, and in a way they were meant to be. However, they're also honest and completely true. Everyone of those terms has been used to describe me, on more than on occasion. And more often than not, they weren't intended to be flattering.
I think he was mostly just curious as to what I meant by it. It was written mostly tongue-in-cheek, but either way, it caught me off guard a little.

Thus is the price you pay for having a public journal. ;-)

Although, it doesn't bother, or worry, me too much. I think everything I've written in here has been my honest and direct opinion, and I'm perfectly willing to stand behind any of the comments I've made.

Oh, yeah. If you're reading this, thank you for your time, Marc. I enjoyed the interview with you and Kent and everyone, and I look forward to an opportunity to work with you in the future. ;-)

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