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Metroid Prime.

Oh, yeah. . . I forgot to mention. . .

Metroid Prime kicks some serious booty.

Since I got it, I've sent *way* too many hours playing it. I was a little worried, being a huge fan of the previous (side scroller) Metroid games. . . but my fears have been put to rest. Metroid Prime is just awesome.

After a few days with it, it's more than justified my purchase of the GameCube. I have absolutely no regrets. ;-)

Oh, and a friend of mine who was getting ready to buy an X-Box. . . he's asked me to bring my Cube over to his place this weekend, so he can check it out. He's been hearing rumors about Metroid, and wants to see if they're true. . . I think he might be starting to consider getting a GC instead of an X-Box. ;-)
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