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Lord Yupa

February 2010

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Danger Mouse

How cheesy is this. . . [#Sorcery on irc.sorcery.net]

<RandomOper> "Thank you for reporting http://www.geocities.com/DohaGirl2002 to our abuse team. We have reviewed the page in question and determined that although it contains rol.vbs, an activeX exploit for windows, it is not breaking any of our terms and conditions..."

NOTE: Do *NOT* view the above mentioned URL with Internet Explorer. That will activate the rol.vbs exploit, and that would be bad.



I'm not sure how in the world anyone can make sense of what they're saying.

It's basically, "We checked the page, and yeah, there's a virus there, but we're not going to do anything about it because embedding a virus in a web page with malicious intent is somehow just fine and dandy with us."

Someone needs to smack these people with a clue-by-four.

Re: Exactly.

Good point. And, I'm glad you mentioned something. . .

I just added a warning to my original entry so that novice computer users browsing with Internet Explorer don't click the URL to check it out. ;-)

Re: Exactly.

being as I just clicked it.....

What the hell should I be worried about!?

Re: Exactly.

Go here to see whether or not you're running an insecure browser. If you are, install the patch.

More information on the URL above.

And next time don't click on it! ;-p

Re: Exactly.

Now that i've re installed every thing on my fricking hard drive and have it working again, I'll keep that in mind.......