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#Sorcery on SorceryNet, after we dealt with a big messy channel problem.

<Purachina> Heh, you opers are something. You don't get stressed out much, do you?
<NetEcho> I'm ok except for this danged fever
<StarThorn> Being an IRC Operator is a very high stress job. . . after a while, you learn to have an enormous amount of patience, and you don't sweat the little things. ;-)
<julias> really?
<julias> ST?
<StarThorn> (Like fights breaking out in the SorceryNet administrative channel, people loading a hundred clones, servers falling over and dying, etc.)
<Purachina> Mhm, I figured as much.
<NetEcho> lol
* julias hands StarThorn his medication
<Purachina> I've been an IRCop before, but not at a largely populated server or anything.
<StarThorn> julias: Well, actually you just go numb and stupid, and you don't really notice much what's going on around you anymore, because your brain is fried.
<StarThorn> But the other way sounded better. <g>
<Purachina> Lol.
<julias> :D
<NetEcho> StarThorn lol

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