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Lord Yupa

February 2010

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Frog Wizard

Sports Night.

Sports Night is, without a doubt, one of the best shows I've ever seen on television.

I was seriously disappointed when it got cancelled a few years ago (though I was really happen when Comedy Central decided to pick it up, and ever since then I've been desperately hoping it would eventually get released on DVD. I found out today that my wish has been granted, as I saw (and bought) the entire series in a DVD collection.


It was a great show, wasn't it?

Pity that Aaron Sorkin didn't create it after The West Wing, or ABC would have found a reason to keep it around.

Aaron Sorkin's partially at fault.

I do partially blame Aaron for this, too, though. While he's a great writer, he's annoyed me, too.

You see, he actually had an opportunity to keep Sports Night alive, albeit in a slightly different form. After ABC canceled Sports Night, HBO offered to pick it up, and actually wanted to expand it into a full hour show. They were of the opinion that expanding it and putting it on HBO, where they could remove most restrictions on language, content, etc, would allow them to make the show even better, and able to take on even more interesting issues.

Unfortunately, Sorkin decided that he didn't have the time to do both West Wing and Sports Night, and since West Wing was the more popular show at that point, he called it quits on Sports Night.


I'm just glad it's out on DVD now, though. I was really worried that it wouldn't be released, or not for a long time, due to the show's struggle to find an audience (or, more accurately, for the audiences struggle to realize what a great show it was;-).

Re: Aaron Sorkin's partially at fault.

I recently received cause to be utterly joyful at my purchase of a 5-disc changer DVD player. It allowed me to watch almost the entire show without ever changing out DVDs from the player.

Re: Aaron Sorkin's partially at fault.

Ooooh. . . that would be so cool.

I absolutely love that Sports Night has a "play all" option, to just continually play the episodes. So convenient. ;-)

Re: Aaron Sorkin's partially at fault.

And it was cheaper than the DVD player I'd bought with less features a couple of years back, as it happens. Sony r0x.
Well, if you watch west wing long enough, all of the actors will probably show up there :P I've seen at least 2 of them so far.

West Wing. . .

Well, West Wing is a great show, and I watch it weekly, and I love it. . . but it just isn't Sports Night. I love West Wing, but I really loved Sports Night.

Oh, well. I'll take what I can get, I suppose.