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Lord Yupa

February 2010

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Danger Mouse

Important news on the FCC's "broadcast flag" proposal. . . act now if you like using a VCR. . .

DigitalConsumer.org Action Alert:

Please send a comment to the FCC opposing the "Broadcast Flag" Proposal. The deadline is this Friday, December 6, 2002.

Tell the FCC to Serve the Public, Not Hollywood.

We are sending you this action alert because the FCC is going to be ruling shortly on a "broadcast flag" for digital television. If you enjoy watching or recording television, this decision will have a large impact on you. You have a chance to make your voice heard, but time is running out. Please send a comment opposing the "Broadcast Flag" proposal. The deadline for comment is Friday, December 6.

Click here to make your voice heard. http://www.digitalconsumer.org/bcastflag/fcccomment.html

Please forward this alert to any other people who might think that this issue is important.

What is happening:

Hollywood is pushing the Federal Communications Commission to forcibly implant copy-protection technology in digital television receivers. The FCC is weighing a plan to mandate this "broadcast flag" which will govern what you are allowed to do with the digital television you receive.

According to Hollywood, the goal is to prevent unauthorized retransmission and copying of digital television over the Internet. Unfortunately, the real impact of the broadcast flag will be much greater than what Hollywood admits.

Declan McCullagh, a leading industry analyst, had the following to say about the Broadcast flag proposal:

"This is a worrisome plan that, if adopted by the FCC, could lead to increased government regulation of technology and reduced fair use rights. The idea is that digital TV transmissions will include a 'broadcast flag' designating shows that may not be copied freely"

The broadcast flag will likely take away many of the fair-use rights you've historically had -- all in the name of preventing piracy. But unfortunately, piracy will not be stopped by the broadcast flag. With file-sharing networks, a TV program that is cracked just one time will propagate freely across the Internet. You are being asked to sacrifice your rights for a technology that will not stop theft.

There are several sources of additional information:


Here is the FCC's Notice of Proposed Rule Making: http://hraunfoss.fcc.gov/edocs_public/attachmatch/FCC-02-231A1.pdf

Please make your voice heard.

Joe Kraus, Co-Founder DigitalConsumer.org



Dude... Abandon the US while you can.

There's still time to warn Europe :) A legalistic society isn't that much fun anyway :)


Unfortunately, the EU has a bad habit of following the US's lead on way too many things. . . particularly the bad things. I'm worried that it won't be too long 'fore the whole world has gone to hell (more so than now).


True. Most of my country _supports_ EU membership now, contrary to a few years ago. I hope we'll abandon the EEC altogether... But even the so-called liberalist parties support it now -.-

Fucking hypocrites.

Hey, if we ever get rich, let's buy an island and start a new country :)


Heck, yeah. I'm so there.

Running a country would be so fun. ;-)