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Lord Yupa

February 2010

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Romance for the Three Kingdoms.

My brother picked up Romance of the Three Kingdoms VII, by Koei today.

For those who haven't played it before, this is one of the most in depth and addictive strategy games ever created. It is, however, something of an acquired taste. If you're the kind of person who enjoys a long drawn out chess game, this might be something you'd enjoy. To really get the most out of it, you have to be prepared to invest a good bit of time, though. (Note, once you get hooked on this game, you'll find a way to make time for it. ;-)

The game is based on actual Chinese history, and the famous Chinese saga from which it takes it's name. Set in the second to third century of China, it's a troubled time with three primary kingdoms fighting for control of China. The game includes 535 characters, most, if not all, based on real historic figures, 10 different time period scenarios, and new in this edition, the ability to play at different "office" levels. You can be a warlord, a prefect (mayor), a general, or a wandering ronin.

One of the greatest things about this game, too, is it's replay value. There's a lot of games that, once you beat, you'll never play again. You can play Romance of the Three Kingdoms for years, literally, without finding yourself in quite the same situation twice.

This game may cost me my job.


Ugh. Hearing about their games pisses me off, because they stopped supporting the PC and only put out shitty console games now. I loved their games, and literally bought every one available for the PC and/or Amiga at the time, until they stopped supporting them altogether. Dumping the Amiga was an obvious choice, but I've never forgiven them for dumping the PC (aka Windoze).

Their games are great, though, or at least they were and I assume they're still decent. I do know I tried playing the console versions once or twice, and it just wasn't the same, though. Sigh.


I'm looking for R3K version 2 to download

dear nicholas,

i share with u the same opinion, i prefer playing the pc game version too. it's been 10 years since i last played the version 2, and it's frustrating to find a downloadable copy from internet. kongming.net's version 2 is not really version 2 but version 1. i'm sure of that because their game has no animations when you command Special Tax, etc.

can you please e-mail/attach a real version 2 to this email?

thank a lot

Re: I'm looking for R3K version 2 to download

Yeah... right. How about instead I just tell you to go to hell? :P

Version VII?!

Wow. I'd all but forgotten about that game ... until now. Last time I played it was however many years ago; too many.

But...what system? If it's not for the PC, well, too bad. I don't have any other systems.

Thanks for the memory, though!


Re: Version VII?!

Unfortunately, at least for now, Romance VII is only available on Playstation 2. I'm still keeping my fingers crossed for a PC version, though.