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Hair cut issues.

I went and got my hair cut today.

I'm not happy.

I was in a hurry, so I went to a little local place I hadn't been to before. The lady who cut my hair seemed like an absolute idiot. First, I should explain, my hair is basically two lengths. On the top and in back, it's long. On the sides, it's short (cut short with the electric clippers).

While clipping the sides short, she managed to catch my longer hair in the clippers. Not once, which I would have shrugged at as an accident, but freakin' FOUR times. Four. How did she manage this bit of extreme idiocy? As near as I can tell, she was using the clippers with her right hand, and was holding something in her left hand, instead of using it to hold my long hair away from the clippers. Especially after it happening more than once, you'd think she'd grow half a brain and figure out what in the hell she was doing.

Not only that, but there are three places where she did an absolutely abysmal job of trimming the sides short. This isn't rocket science people, this is making a small area of someone's head so it all has the same length of hair, and with electric clippers, too. Hell, I could have done a more uniform and even job than she did. I almost told her to fix it, but after catching my hair four times in the clippers, I figured I was better off just getting the hell out of there and worrying about fixing it later.

This sucks.
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