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Lord Yupa

February 2010

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I've never been much of a tea drinker. I've always preferred carbonated caffeinated soft drinks (soda pop) or coffee (especially in the really strong espresso or cappuccino style).

That all changed recently upon tasting some Market Spice tea, from the Market Spice shop in Seattle's Pike Place Market. That stuff was so good that it blew me away.

And, now I'm hooked. I've been trying different flavors and types of tea for the past week, and while I've found a number I don't care for, I've found a bunch I really enjoy (like Stash's Licorice Spice).

Not only that, but I'll be ordering more Market Spice tea in the next couple days. . . and ordering in quantity. ;-)


Have you a tea press (especially for loose tea)? I got one at Goodwill a year ago, and it has since become my very favorite kitchen thing!!

At the co-op here in Ames, they have jars of tea so that you can mix your own blend. (hint, hint)

ooh! I'm going to Lincoln next week!!

Tea accessories.

I don't have a tea press, tea ball, or anything else for loose tea. . . yet.

I'll be getting that stuff very soon, though. The Market Spice tea that I really like is fairly cheap, if you buy it loose, buty rather expensive if you buy it in tea bags, so I'm planning to purchase it loose very soon.

Oh, and I was talking to Jill Johnstone, the other day, and we think it'd be really fun to come out to Ames and visit you some weekend. We're not sure when yet, but we're going to talk about it and then get a hold of you to see what can be worked out. Hopefully I'll visit you soon. ;-)

Re: Tea accessories.

Topher, you are absolutely forbidden to go get a tea press because I just got you one ;-) So there. I want to come home before xmas break, but if you can't wait for it, then it's at my mom's house.

And you and jill are welcome just any old time!!!

Re: Tea accessories.

You know, I may have to come out and visit you fairly soon. . . a Christmas present I ordered a while back for you just decided to arrive, and I need to get it to you. ;-)