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As those of you who know me well are aware, I'm a huge fan of cheese. I mean seriously big. I'm a cheese connoisseur, if you will. A friend of mine once made fun of me because I had 5 kinds of cheese in my fridge, and essentially nothing else (literally, I had those 5 kinds of cheese, half a gallon of milk, and a few eggs, that's it).

One of my absolute favorite cheeses is the Hunter's Seriously Sharp Cheddar from Cabot. I used to purchase this regularly when I lived in New York, but now that I'm back in Nebraska, I've had trouble finding it (Cabot is based in Vermont, so it's easier to find in NY). Either way, I've just discovered that you can order cheese from their website, so I can now get it here!

This makes me happy, 'cause when it comes to cheddar cheese, I like it as sharp as I can possibly get it. And I have yet to find something that can match the Hunter's Seriously Sharp that they do.

'Course, some of their other "premium" (wax) cheeses are really good, too. So I might be ordering a whole bunch of cheese soon. ;-)

Now I just need to get me some good Havarti. ;-)
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