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Lord Yupa

February 2010

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Danger Mouse

Sent home from work.

I got sent home from work a little bit ago.

I was scheduled from 5pm to "close", and had only been there a few minutes when I saw an old friend of mine, Becca.

Becca works at another store a few miles away, and was there helping out because we were short handed. She's also the person who initially trained me 10 months ago, and who I've known longest of anyone at Applebee's.

So, we started talking for a few minutes, and she asked how things were going. I mentioned that school had just started for me again, and that between classes and work, next week was going to be a hell week (I'm scheduled for, literally, about double the amount of hours I'm supposed to be scheduled for. . . this is part-time job, and I expect to pass 55+ hours next week).

My general manager overheard me, pulled me into the office, and chewed me out for giving an employee from another store a "bad impression" of our store, and giving the perception that we're "short handed" and "overworked".

She didn't much care for it when I sighed and pointed out that every single thing I said was exactly the truth, as we are all of those things, and that I am being over scheduled and overworked in ways that I don't appreciate. I also pointed out that I've known Becca for nearly a year now, and she's worked for Applebee's for a number of years now, so I'm sure she understands that things like this happen once in a while.

So, she then told me to go home. Said to finish up with any customers I currently had, and that I could then go home and take the rest of the night off, so I wouldn't feel so overworked. Oh, well. Jeanne, the GM, is one of those people who is nearly impossible to get along with (the primary reason we're so short handed is because she treats everyone like incompetent 4 year olds, and they get fed up with her and quit. . . I've never in my life seen a restaurant with such a high turn-over rate. . . we've even had two managers walk out on us in the past few months (and others request transfers)).

I have class literally all day on Tuesdays and Thursdays right now, and I'm working every single day that I'm not in class. Not only that, but I'm working doubles on every one of those days, which means I'm basically at work from 10am until nearly 10pm. With an hour or two break in the middle. Every day. This week is going to really sucks. ;-/

Oh, well. So it goes, I guess. I'm gonna relax and hang out with friends tonight, and take it easy.

It's a whole lot better than being at work. ;-)


Man. What... a... bitch. Seriously.

Worse. . .

It's actually even worse than that.

Okay, restaurants and food service always has a high turn over rate. That's to be expected. But our store opened 10 months ago, and there are currently only 2 employees who were there when the store opened, that still work more than one day a week. That's it.

Of the managers that we opened the store with, we have only a single one still working here (the General Manager, herself). With a single exception, every manager we've had has either left or quit in large part due to Jeanne. We're on our fourth Server manager, and third Bartender manager. It's almost a joke, it's so bad.

Re: Worse. . .

You'd think higher-ups would start to see a pattern there - after all, that sounds like a rather anomalously high turnover rate, ergo one would think to start looking for common factors or say, do things like exit interviews... But what do I know about these things, you know?