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Lord Yupa

February 2010

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The Sprint PCS website.

I have cell phone service with Sprint PCS.

I've had service with them for going on 5 years or so, now. In general, the actual phone service has been pretty good. The customer service has always been really annoying, involving half hour waits and dealing with idiots.

But I'm absolutely amazed at how horrible they are with their website.

To put it simply, http://www.sprintpcs.com sucks. It sucks horribly. I've never seen a website backed by as big a company as Sprint that has so many freaking problems. I would hazard a guess that about 75% of the times that I've tried to access it, there has been some sort of problem. And usually it's a major problem. Heck, most of the time the problem is either a server error preventing access entirely, or it's a message on the site saying that the site is down for maintenance.

What the hell?

Did I mention that I absolutely refuse to pay my PCS bill on their website because they managed to screw up my credit card payments three times there? (That's without even getting into the number of times I tried to pay my bill there and found some sort of website error, back before I realized that even if I was able to make my payment there, they'd screw it up.)

Sometimes I swear they're pushing me away, like they want me to dump their service and go somewhere else. One of these days, I think I'll take 'em up on it.


Tell me about it - I tried to activate my phone on their website to avoid dealing with a human being and, lo and behold, it's broke.
Crap, I think I picked the wrong provider to supplant my need for a landline.
(But mommy, they have the really cool phones!)

Sprint's website.

It really amazes me that all of the people behind Sprint's PCS website haven't been fired for gross incompetancy by now. I mean, how in the world do you justify such pathetically crappy and horrible service like that?

Seriously now, a website, even a complex dynamic one like Sprint's PCS site should *never* be down this much. I know I'd be canning a lot of people if I were in charge of it and it had the track record it does.

Re: Sprint's website.

You know though, I don't think higher-ups in there know or care about the website though - ie, they're too busy stroking the PCS network (which, I must admit, is pretty nice, being able to get decent reception anywhere in Ames and all).
It'd be NICE if I could actually use their website the way I use, say, my bank's (NetBank), insurance's (Progressive) my credit cards' (Discover, GM, AT&T Universal) websites. But maybe I'm setting the bar pretty high here.

Re: Sprint's website.

You could be right, perhaps the higher-ups don't know what's going on. . . but these days, a website is pretty important for a major company, especially when that website could be your only point of contact with a customer. Sprint advertises, and frequently refers people, to their website.

I don't think that's too much to expect, or putting the bar too high, though. You mentioned a decent list of websites, each of which (I assume) provides stable and reliable service to you. I can add another dozen websites that I frequently use that allow me to view my (customer) information, pay bills, etc. Not a single one of them ever has the kind or frequency of problems that Sprint's PCS site has, though. I access my Bankh's site much more frequently than the PCS website, and there's only been one time when I wasn't able to use it. While Sprint's track record is sitting at worse than 50%. This smacks of either incompetancy, or poor management, to me (maybe both).
Dude, how long have i been telling you that Sprint sucks? You can't even get reception in Council Bluffs. And their CS is laughable. Even i'm better at CS than that, and that's saying a lot!