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Lord Yupa

February 2010

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Danger Mouse

SpamAssassin is back on, too.

And, happily, I've re-enabled SpamAssassin. Despite the problems it caused earlier, this program kicks much booty, and is currently the best Spam tool I've found. I just wish there was an easier way to integrate system wide support for it with QMail (requires a small QMail patch), but oh well. I think I'll be moving to that (from my current hack) soon. ;-)


Re: Qmail.

I'll give you that Postfix may be equally well designed as QMail. In fact, after reading up a little more on Postfix, I find a great number of similarities in design between the two. Much of the design philosophy seems to be shared between the two.

Sendmail is usable, although it's always seemed big and cumbersome to me. I toyed with Exim a little bit, but after using QMail, it seemed inflexible and I had a handful of issues with it. Postfix I haven't really used, since I've been quite happy with QMail, in general (with the one huge exception being that horrible license and it's slowed development).

I wonder if anyone would consider writing an equivilent to ezmlm that would integrate nicely with Postfix. I know some people dislike ezmlm, but with th ezmlm-idx patch and a slight bit of work, I've found it to work really well, and I love allowing users the ability to set up their own mailing lists "under" their user accounts.