Christopher Cashell (topher) wrote,
Christopher Cashell

The lies start early...

I said that I'd finish writing my 'Bio' for LiveJournal today. 'Twould seem that I won't in fact do that. Although, if I can convince myself to be stupid, I might get around to doing it later. We'll see.

This entry will be short, because I'm watching The West Wing. This is the first season I've watched of it, and I'm watching it with mixed feelings. It is a very good show, or at least, my exposure to it so far has been positive. However, the reason I'm watching it is because Aaron Sorkin, the writer for it, is only doing West Wing. Previously, he was also doing Sports Night, which was among my favorite television shows. The fast pace and subtle humor really got me, and I loved it. I was most annoyed when it was cancelled. Especially when HBO tried to pick it up, and Aaron said he didn't have time to do both.

Oh, well. Show is back on.
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