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Lord Yupa

February 2010

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Frog Wizard


Yuoo knoo, sumeteemes yuoo feel leeke-a a Svedeesh Cheff. Und sumeteemes, yuoo dun't.
Bork Bork Bork!


Been playing with Google recently?

Playing with Google. . .

Nope. ;-)

I was browsing through some old entries of mine, and I came across one involving muppets, and it put me in a Swedish Chef mood. <g>

Re: Playing with Google. . .

Heh, ok. Go into the Google prefs, they've reinstated "bork bork bork" as a language choice. :)

Re: Playing with Google. . .

Oh my God.

That is so freakin' cool. ;-)

Google just moved up another notch on my coolest websearch meter, putting it well ahead of any competition.

Re: Playing with Google. . .

Hey, you wrote a wikiweb, right? What are the requirements? I'm thinking of setting up a wiki at work for people to use, but I'm trying to find one that doesn't require a whole lotta lotta setup to get running. Simple is good.

Re: Playing with Google. . .

I didn't write one from scratch, but I've done some development on one. I've also played with quite a few of them.

What kind of setup are you looking for? What OS/Web server? Do you have any specific language requirements (perl/php/lisp/python/etc)? Are you looking for something with a database backend for storing pages, and if so, which database? What kind of features are you looking for?

If you're willing to accept the simplest and least featured Wiki's, you can prolly get away with nothing more than a web server with perl (or possibly PHP) installed.

If you have PHP (4.05+) and MySQL (unfortunately. . . this is the one thing I don't like about it (and what I'm currently working on changing)), WikkiTikkiTavi is pretty sweet. You can see it in action at http://tavi.sourceforge.net/, which also has download links and stuff. [Note: This is the I play with most, because it's small and easy to hack on, while still having most of the features I want.]

If you have Apache, perl, and a database installed, and want something so full featured it'll amaze you, There's TWiki. It's not very difficult to install, but it is big and frequently more than most people need.

Let me know what you're interested in, and I'd be happy to let you know if there's anything I've played with that fits your requirements.

Re: Playing with Google. . .

Preferably, either php or mod_perl based w/ no db requirement would be ideal. Apache, definitely. PHP is preferable to mod_perl, but I've got a box that has both so I could live with using it.

If need be, I could deal with the mysql bit, but I'd rather not...