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Lord Yupa

February 2010

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New movies.

I picked up two new movies on DVD tonight.

Adventures in Babysitting, and Cop Land.

The first is an amusing movie from the 80's, the second a really good drama about some corrupt cops. Sylvester Stalone does a great job in Cop Land, and shows that he really can act.


*snicker snicker*

I Saw that Adventures in Babysitting when it first came out... then it was on TV like.. 2 months ago? And I watched it again... holy cats were we easily amused in the 80's ;)
Guess what Topher... I'm in my new apt. in Binghamton NY.... this place sucks almost as much as poughkeepsie, and the internet connections are worse... but hell... I found out instead of next Dec, I can gradgiate next May;}
only 8 years, right? hehe...
Miss ya buddy!

Re: *snicker snicker*

Yeah, we really were easily amused back then. ;-)

Congrats and good luck on the graduation, too. I think I'm working on the 20 year plan, myself. <g>

Re: *snicker snicker*

Hee hee... That's just the first graduation (4 years late) ... then I'll have 2 more to go thru, 7 years? ;} But thank you, so far so good, heh. When are you comin back east anyway? *poke poke*

Re: *snicker snicker*

Well, I'd love to get a few friends together and trek out to NY this summer sometime. . . not sure if I can make it happen, but I'd really like to. ;-)


you got adventures in babysitting? coolest!
by the way- finished the tick. need to get it back to you. it is one of the most disgusting movies I have ever seen.

Re: cool

Yep. You should come over sometime, we can watch it. ;-)

I warned you that the Fly was a rather. . . disturbing movie. I know I wasn't hungry for a little while after seeing it the first time. ;-)