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Hard drive woes.

Ugh, this is frustrating. I've got 4 different hard drives in my primary server. It started out with just a single one, and now the file system flows all over the place, covering something like 11 partitions on the 4 drives.

I'd really like to reorganize and consolidate everything in a more logical and less ad hoc manner, but that is really gonna be a pain in the butt. I'd also love to change over / to use ReiserFS, like most of the rest of the partitions are using, but that also is a good bit of work (especially with the messy way things are set up).

On the other hand, maybe it is time I backed things up, wiped the drives, and reinstalled everything. I'm running on the same debian installation that started out as a Debian 1.3 (Bo) release, in late '97. It's been updated (thank God for apt-get update && apt-get upgrade, making life so much easier;-) numerous times since then, but I've never had to reinstall. It is prolly getting a little crufty. ;-)

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