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More movie studio Idiocy.

I hate it when people get all "overly politically correct", I really hate it.

Case in point, I just read that when the classic alien movie, E.T. is released on DVD, it's had a few changes. As expected, there's some updated special effects and some "never before seen footage". Nothing wrong with that. What really annoys me though, is the other changes they've made.

First of all, they removed the infamous "penis breath" insult that Elliot makes to his brother.

Even worse, they went through and edited all the government agents (who chase Elliot and E.T.) so they are no longer carrying shotguns, they're now carrying. . . walkie-talkies.

What is up with this? Why are people so freakin' stupid about things like this? I mean, first you have every movie that's in production and features the sight of the World Trade Center being edited so it's either not there, or not recognizable (Hello? Are you trying to erase our memory of the building? Is that going to make everything "better", if we can pretend it never happened? Or do you think our seeing it in a movie will be too much for us to handle? You do realize that we've been bombarded with so much excessive imagery of it (nearly /always/ as it's being destroyed) in the past few months that seeing in a movie really isn't going to mean a damn thing don't you?).

Movies are a kind of history. No, they're generally not an accurate portrayal of history themselves (with a few exceptions), but what they are is an example of the history of our society at the time they were made. They display a slice of our technology, interests, dreams, and thoughts at the time of production. Don't go screwing with our history.

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