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Truly bizarre.

Okay, this is just so. . . bizarre.

My bedroom is in the basement. I love it down there, as it's quiet, cool, private, and all that fun stuff.

The window in my bedroom is half underground, so it's in a little window well. The past few days., I've been hearing scratching on the screen outside my window. I mostly ignored it, figuring it was mice or bunnies outside, as they've played in the window well before.

Today, it went on for an hour, and I finally decided to look at what was making all that noise. At first, I thought it was a bunny, as I saw two ear looking things (there's a bush above the window, so it's pretty dark in the window well). Then I saw it fall over backwards like it'd been tipped.

Then it struck me. It's not a bunny. . . it's a turtle.

Sure enough, I ran outside to look, and there it is, there's a turtle in my window well. In Omaha, Nebraska. What in the world is going on here?

Problem is, he's back against the far side of the window well, and the bush is too thick for me to reach him. I'm going to either have to trim the bush back, or try to get him to scoot closer.

Can we say "Weird afternoon"?
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