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The ignorance and incompetence...irresponsibility.

Well, this has truly been one of those nights.

My brother, who is 21 years old, decided to have a few friends over. Then he went out and picked up two girls who work with him at Godfather's Pizza. One of the girls is 15, the other is 16. All of them are currently drunk out of their minds.

Sound like a bad thing? One of the girls was bragging earlier how she's on probation right now due to drug and alcohol abuse. And I think she's the 15 year old. Both girls are being extremely obnoxious and will prolly puke and pass out soon. Oh, by the way, they're still drinking right now, too.

So, I'm having a bad evening, when I hear the doorbell ring. Oh, yeah, more people. My brother called a few other people and had them come over. Luckily, at least these people are a bit older, and acting a great deal more mature. Still, I don't like having this many people over when there are way under age girls getting drunk.

The way my brother is doesn't help matters, either. He has more pride than any two normal people, and he's also extremely stubborn, pig headed, and short tempered. Not only that, but he's an amazingly stupid drunk. Due, I think, because of the reasons I mentioned above, he will never admit when alcohol has impaired him in any way. I've seen him literally unable to walk straight, while still claiming that he was okay to drive.

Perhaps I'm just becoming a prick in my 'old' age, or maybe it's because I don't drink, despite the fact that I legally can, but the lack of responsibility really pisses me off. Actually, I don't even have a problem with people drinking, even under age. It doesn't, in general, bother me much. However, when it happens in the same house that I'm in, and could potentially get me in a lot of trouble, then I have a problem with it. A big one.

I believe very strongly that every action has a consequence, and that you should always consider that before taking any action.

As such, I'm not often in trouble, and when I do get in trouble, I place the blame on myself. It's a simple fact that if you do something which is against the rules, against the law, or anything similar, you should not only be aware of the consequences are, but you should be prepared to accept them.

An example would be the other day, when a friend of mine came into work swearing up a storm. He was absolutely livid because some 'prick' cop had the nerve to pull him over and ticket him for speeding. So, I asked him how fast he was going, and where at. His response? "I was going 57 in a 35."

At that point, I hit him in the back of the head and told him to stop being such a dumb ass. The cop wasn't being a prick, he was doing his job. My friend was the one being the prick for getting angry at, and blaming, someone else when he was at fault for breaking the law.

Well, much as I'd rather pretend nothing was happening and stay here, I need to go check up on things again. Last time, I found one person who had spilled their drink on the floor, and another who was climbing on the pool table. (For those who don't own pool tables, that's a *very* bad thing. Pool tables have to be very delicately set up and balanced. Climbing or leaning on them can disturb that, and it costs a few hundred dollars to have someone come out and fix it. It also tends to be very damaging to the felt, which costs even more to fix. ;-/)
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