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Domain name change. . .

Wow, I'm actually impressed with something about Network Solutions Inc. When I originally Registered for myself, I was doing some freelance consulting, so I registered it under the name I used for my consulting. I've since stopped using that name, and I wanted the domain to be registered directly under my name.

So, a while back, I looked into getting this changed, and discovered I had to actually print, sign, and mail a form for it. Ugh. So, I did all except the mail part, then I moved and forgot about it until now. I went to their web site to get the form again, and amazingly enough, they allow you to submit the whole thing online, now.

With luck, in the next 3-6 weeks, my domain will be mine in a better way. ;-)

Of course, the main reason I want this change enacted is so that I can transfer my domain to a cheaper registrant. ;-p
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