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After class, I met up with two friends of mine, Jen and Dave, and we went bowling. Everything started off well, but in the third frame, things went to hell.

I got my ball from the ball return, and I noticed a few new scratches. Nothing too horrible, so I was mildly annoyed but not much more. This is a fairly new ball, and I still think of it as brand new, but I also take really good care of it. Then, as I turned it over, I saw worse scratches, and as I turned it farther, I saw a huge gouge in it.

I'm talking a serious gouge. It's about an inch wide, and over two inches long, and it prolly took off a good 3 millimeters or so from the shell of the bowling ball. If I set it on the floor on that spot, it will stay put without rolling, even on a mild incline. . . it's that bad.

I was feeling seriously annoyed at this point, and even though theres a big sign at the counter that says, "We're not responsible for damaged bowling balls", I went up to chew out the guy. I first showed him the minor scratches, then the worse ones, then the gouge. I said, "Look, I know you have a sign saying it's not your problem, but damn man, it's a really messed up thing when that happens." His mouth fell opened, and he said, "Holy shit." He then went and got the other guy working there, and they filled out a card for a local pro shop informing them to bill repair of the ball to the bowling alley.

I was still really annoyed about my ball, I mean there's no reason for something like that to happen. I bowled on a league for 4 years when I was little, and I've bowled off and on since then, and I've *never* seen anything like that. I hope it can be fixed. ;-/
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