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Lord Yupa

February 2010

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Danger Mouse

New pen. [Updated]

I got a new pen today. a Lamy Safari Fountain Pen.

This is actually my second one, my first having been stolen a while back. This is one of the nicest low cost fountain pens I know of. It writes beautifully, very smoothly, and the barrel is built strong enough that you rarely need worry for any damage.

I dunno if I've mentioned it here before or not, but I have a fascination with pens. Of special interest are fountain pens and dip pens, but I enjoy pens of all types, and always like finding new ink types and colors, as well.

I think I have around 60 random "cheap" pens, ball points, roller balls, etc, including just about every color and style you can imagine. I also have about a half a dozen dip pens, and a couple of fountain pens.

[Update]: My guess of "around 60" seems to be a bit off. The actual count is 116. ;-)


I've heard that Safaris are capable of surviving being rolled over by a Volvo, unscathed.

Yep. . .

Yeah, I read the review from the guy that did that. He'd heard they were really well built, so he ran over it with his volvo (twice, actually. . . pulled forward over it, than backed across it again).

Still worked perfectly. ;-)

kindred spirit!

*melodramatic sigh* I thought I was the only one that loved pens like that. I think I'm at about 200 different kinds, but very few fountain pens... I seem to kill them. (I write too hard, I end up bending the nib out of alignment)

I think I shall have to put this pen on my wish list. Oh, is it steel nibbed?
I knew I wasn't the only one on LiveJournal with a thing for fountain pens.

My Lamy Safari must be a bad apple, because on a trip to Houston, while it was in my pocket, the threading section broke. I had it repaired, and when it came back, the nib section wasn't placed on right (it is a snap-on nib, if you've ever taken the nib off of a Safari), so I took it off and placed it back on myself. At first, the tines were not in contact with the feed... upon fixing that, the tines are now misaligned and it writes scratchy.

Talk about a whole lot of trouble! :P If only Pelikan M75/Go!'s were made with fine points... that would be writing heaven. Oh well...

Speaking of fountain pens. . .

I've been meaning to respond to this for the past couple of days, but my newest post gave me some extra motivation.

If you like fountain pens, I strongly urge you to check out this post. ;-)

Re: Speaking of fountain pens. . .

What is funny is right after I replied to that post, I noticed that you wrote about the Lamy in 2001! Ahh the amazing search abilities of Google.

By and by, awesome deals!! I like the lighter, smaller pens, but there is nothing wrong with a nice hefty one once in awhile. ;)