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Lord Yupa

February 2010

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Danger Mouse

Pocket PC.

I bought the Compaq iPAQ H3150.

I went to Best Buy this afternoon to try them all out first hand, and my decision really came down to one simple thing: Handwriting recognition.

The Pocket PC's did a better job of picking up my handwriting than the Palms did. (Yes, I am familiar with graffiti, and in fact fairly proficient with it, but I didn't have to bother writing in a "special" way for the iPAQ, for the most part.)

I paid $185, and it came with a leather case, some screen covers, and a few other goodies.

So. . . anyone written an LJ client for Pocket PC's? ;-)


Heh. When I was playing with the iPaq, I had a horrible time with handwriting recognition because I default to graffiti when I'm playing with a handheld computer :)

Too much palm. ;-)

I've used a friend of mine's Palm Vx enough to be proficient with graffiti, I very rarely mis-write a letter, but I still don't find it particularly comfortable.

When I tried the iPAQ, it recognised 95% of my writing when I used my normal, natural, writing style. The less I have to cater to my PDA, the better. ;-)

Not yet. . .

I haven't done any real investigating, yet. Although, considering I'm a member of lj_clients, you'd figure I'd be smart enough to check there first. ;-)

Thanks for the suggestion. ;-)

It's there. . .

And of course, there's a post there, less than a week old, about PocketLJ, a Pocket PC LJ client.

This will teach me to speak without looking. ;-)