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Lord Yupa

February 2010

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Danger Mouse

The search for a good PDA/Handheld computer.

I'm seriously considering getting a PDA/handheld/etc.

Right now, I'm tentatively considering:

Sony CLIE PEG-S320
This one is slick, with the only major drawback being it's use of Memory Sticks. CompactFlash would be preferable, since I've got two CF cards already. Uses the new Palm OS 4.0.

Visor Platinum
This one is also pretty slick. It has no major faults that I know of, although it uses a slightly customized version of Palm OS, 3.5.2H, as opposed to the new 4.0. Available Springboard module ($40) would allow me to utilize my CompactFlash cards with it.

Palm Vx
The classic, the old stand-by, the one that gets chosen if none of the other can prove better. The biggest drawback here is the slow CPU, the slowest one in consderation. Uses Palm OS 3.5. No Expansion.

iPAQ H3150
The only Pocket PC in the group, making use of Win CE. Performance is questionable, and battery life sucks compared to the others. Screen resolution is much better than Palm devices.

The first three are the ones I'm more seriously considering, mostly 'cause I've heard WinCE runs like a dog with 16 MB of RAM, which is what the (B&W) iPAQ has. I also noticed that Handspring has just released two new models, the Visor Pro and the Visor Neo. Depending on what kind of prices they're available for, I may look into them, too.

I'm not willing to spend more than $200 on this thing, which basically means I'm not seriously considering a color PDA.

If anyone has any suggestions, opinions, experience, whatever, I'd love to hear it. If you have a handheld computer, let me know what you like or dislike about it, whether you're pleased with it, what you'd change about it, whether you'd buy it again, etc.


Well, it really depends what you want your PDA to do. I love my Palm Vx for keeping track of my schedule, to-do list, and reading news on. And the slim form factor is also much nicer than the bulky iPaq. On the other hand, if you want to amaze your friends by playing movies and such, go for the iPaq. (Those two are the only ones I have experience with)

Glamorous organizer.

Basically, I'm looking to use it for scheduling and organizing purposes. Perhaps the occasional cheesy game of tetris-clone, but I'm mostly just buying it to keep myself organized.

I don't have the spare cash to put behind a anything too impressive. ;-)

Re: Glamorous organizer.

If it is just for that, you could possibly get away with a Palm M100 or M105 for ~ $120. Other than that, the Sony Clie is good. Memory Sticks may not by CF cards, but they transfer data a lot faster and more efficiently.