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I didn't write the following poem. I found it. . . oh, years ago. I don't even remember where I found it, but when I did, it was not attributed. I tried looking it up once, and as near as I can tell, it's from an old Punk song. It seems strangely fitting now, as people all over contemplate war.
Church & State

Perpetrating their rule,

Lying textbooks rant,

Their patriotic slant,

"Your country's great",

Cry Church and State,

"All that've died,

Were on God's side",

President and Pope,

Your pride and hope,

Families build,

Christian ethic instilled,

The Biblical truth?

Faith not proof!

Wield a sword,

Walk with the Lord,

Be a man,

Protect your land,

Hear your call,

Martyrs all,

Your life's lost,

Nailed to a cross,

Dead on foreign soil,

For your God (And their oil).
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