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Lord Yupa

February 2010

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Danger Mouse

Sony blows goats.

Sony is really annoying me right now.

While I was in New York, my parents bought a Sony Vaio computer. Now, I don't like when they do things like that without telling me, because I always feel like they paid more than they should have for inferior products, and I felt that way here, too. However, I can deal with that.

What I'm really hating at the moment, is Sony and their website. I have never seen a worse website for PC support. All I'm looking for is a freakin' video driver, and there is absolutely no decent information available form Sony. It almost feels like they're going out of their way to make it difficult to find. Hell, I can't even find computer drivers period on their website.

Hello? Are we stupid? Are we not a modern computer manufacturer? Don't we realize that people want their freaking drivers?

As if that isn't bad enough, I've also run into dozens of broken links on their own site. This is getting really pathetic.

Gah! Their "Ask Sony" website, listed all over the place, isn't working either. So much for trying to find things by that route.

Why can't Sony, as a company, suck less? A lot less? ;-/


i believe a few months back when you were looking into getting a laptop, i warned you not to get a sony vaio under any circumstances. this is the first, and probably the last time i can yell at you and say I TOLD YOU SO!! :P *runs*
if ur looking for drivers for windows, go to microsoft.com, u'll probably find what u need there
microsoft doesn't make or release drivers, except for hardware they make.