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Time Warner annoys me.

Time Warner Cable really annoys me.

Specifically, their phone system. When you call up, regardless of why you call up, you're forced to sit through a 5 minute automated recording telling you where they are having service problems, and where they are upgrading things.

And there's no way to bypass it.

What the. . . ? What kind of idiot came up with this idea to force everyone to listen to all their problems without giving them an option to skip it? What if I'm calling to get service, or cancel my service, or change my service. I don't care who the hell else is having problems, if isn't me, then I don't need to know about it.

So, now that I've just sat through 5 minutes of that, I get to wait on hold for another 15 minutes. Oh, well, at least I have cheesy elevator music, right? Nope, I don't even get that. I'm forced to deal with constant commercials, with an annoying voice popping in every 15 seconds (I counted) to tell me, "all of their customer service representatives are still busy, when a representative becomes available, they will take my request".

This is doing a great job of reminding me why I hate phones.

The only thing that makes me keep listening to this crap, is the satisfaction I'll get when I cancel my service in a few minutes.

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