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Lord Yupa

February 2010

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Lord Yupa

Moving things forward...

Well, in my life's attempts to always make sure I'm unprepared, inconvenienced, and never bored, I just got a call from my close friend, Jen, who is breaking up with her boyfriend/fiance on Friday. Only, she's not. At least, not Friday. It's been moved up to tomorrow (Wednesday).

Fun, fun, fun. ;-)



They plan what day it's gonna be on? If I have a problem with someone I have a relationship, I always look at it like gnawing my arm off -- I want it over with as soon as possible.

Re: Geez.


They've been dating for almost four years now. Living together for almost three years now. They're engaged to be married. In the past six months, Eric has become more and more ill tempered, almost violent, and has began to drink excessively every weekend, and often times during the week. He's also grown overly agressive and closed minded.

The reason that Jen is planning a specific time, is so that she can move all of her stuff out of the apartment *before* any confrontation happens. The last thing she needs is for him to 'hold hostage' her stuff. She's tried talking to him numerous times, and actually tried leaving him once before, but he talked her out of it.

Bye setting a specific date, getting lots of friends involved with the move, getting all her stuff moved out, and then dealing with him, it gives her better support to not back down, and takes away any leverage he might have to force her to stay.

(Yes, this was all written as if it were present tense, even though the move has now taken place, so it's actually stuff from the past. *g*)

Re: Geez.

We all know time has no relative points in these hallowed halls. Give it a rest.