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Lord Yupa

February 2010

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Danger Mouse

Functional programmers unite!

For all of you functional programmers out there, especially the Lispers and Schemers, there's now a LiveJournal community just for you. ;-)

Welcome to the lisp community. The name says lisp, but anyone interested in lisp, scheme, functional programming, AI, or even language research is welcome.

The community is open membership and open posting.

If you've long been curious about the unusual programming language lisp and wondered what the big deal was, this is your chance to find out. ;-)


Is not!

I think this just means you need to get yourself more familiar with functional programming and lisp. Joining lisp would be a great way to start. ;-)
Great idea. Joined.

Thanks. ;-)

I actually feel kind of bad, I created this account intending to set up a lisp/scheme community back before I moved to New York, but then I totally blanked on it when I moved.

It was just by random luck that I came across it and remembered that I hadn't yet turned it into a community and posted about it.

Hopefully we can use this to spread information and help on lisp/scheme, and functional languages, and help get more people interested. ;-)


...just for once I'd like to see a community or mailing list for dysfunctional programmers.

We're people too!

Re: Damnit...

Perl mailing list isn't enough?

Re: Damnit...

I didn't say employed programmers, I said dysfunctional!

Re: Damnit...

does database programming count as dysfunctional, or just useless?