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Lord Yupa

February 2010

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Danger Mouse


I work to help run a nice little Internet Relay Chat network called sorcerynet. I've been working with it, in some capacity or another, for around five years now.

SorceryNet was created with a distinct set of principles and ideals that we pledged to follow. Even through the rough times, those have always been acknowledged as what we should be doing, even if when we weren't. We always knew what was right.

Last night someone proposed a change to the SorceryNet charter that rips the heart and soul out of the organization. It changes it from a network run with principles, into a playground where a very small and select group have absolute power to do anything they want. It rips apart our carefully setup democracy, where anyone, even your average user, was guaranteed the right to state their opinion on network policies.

And it presents a clear sentiment that any who still cling to their ideals, their belief in why the network was founded, should leave. After 5 years of hard work and dedicated effort, I wonder if it's time to move on. . . and I wonder how many others will likely be leaving, too. . .


It might be. Not sure where to go, but I'm also not sure I want to stick around and watch it crumble, either. I'm resigning, at the very least.

Yeah. . .

What really gets me, too, is all the people who seem to no care that half a dozen people are considering resigning over this.

"Oh, they're the old-timers, we don't need them. So what if 20% of our staff is willing to resign over this, that doesn't make it a bad idea."

Bad ideas. . .

As things stand right now, SorceryNet is set up reasonably well. Things really aren't too bad.

However one admin, along with his supporters, wants to essentially remove all power from everyone on SorceryNet except for the admins. Which means that the Network Director position, elected by the IRC Ops and admins, would cease to exist, and all other positions that are part of the SorceryNet "Staff" would have any power to make decisions stripped away.

Running SorceryNet would become nothing but back-room politics where the admins will control their little playground.

Re: Bad ideas. . .

At the moment, the only say you, as a user have, is the as that which an IRC Op has, the right to make your opinion heard on the sorcery@ mailing list before any decision is made.

The policy changes recently proposed will remove that right, because major decisions will no longer take place on sorcery@, a public mailing list, but instead happen on admin@, which is limited to only admin. Thus, the voice that you had, little though it was, will be gone entirely.

As far as the breaking of rules, this essentially came about because one admin decided he didn't feel like following one of the rules that the admin as a whole put down, and when challenged on it, another admin presented a policy change to basically remove the rule (and all others, for admins).

Instead of fixing the problem, they're changing policy to make it acceptable.

Re: Bad ideas. . .

I don't wanna see this happen, and SorceryNet fall apart, either. I'm worried, tired, and saddened by this.

This is why there have been posts and/or comments from carlton, petfish, cringer, dwaggie, and myself, expressing worry over this. ;-/

Re: Bad ideas. . .

Grf. That carlton should be charles. Too used to SorceryNet nicks. ;-)

Re: Bad ideas. . .

And to think this is how I thought is was *always* ran. And I only mean that semi-jokingly. Everything is always so hush-hush You're Not Allowed to Know. Which, other than time, is one of the main reasons I never even *wanted* to get involved. It just felt like there was a whole Holier than Thou sentiment to being an admin.

Re: Bad ideas. . .

You're correct. There have been elements of this in the past, most assuredly. The big difference is that in the past, it was always looked on as a bad thing, and it wasn't openly permitted or sanctioned.

The changes that may occur soon will change that from the bad thing that it is, into a legitimate way to run SorceryNet.
I'll wait until I see the vote result but I think everyone knows as well as I do this was NOT a spur of the moment thing.. it's been planned out for weeks and the decision is already made.. the CFD is a formality.

Should a miracle take place and it be voted down, I'll wait and see what happens. If it goes through then the only thing left of what we worked so hard to build is the name..


Is there even the smallest shred of a chance that the 20% might be able to start up a new network for those of us who are perfectly happy with the way things have been and will probably be run off if this *does* carry through? I mean, I've only been on SN as a user for a year or so, but ...

OK, I'll be *completely* honest here... I haven't the foggiest idea about the political scheming behind any of this, because I am not an oper, and I am not on any of the mailing lists, and I don't apparently hang out in the right channels to know what's going on. All I know is that this seems awfully out of the blue, and I have a pretty good feeling 90% of SN doesn't even see it coming. I see the New World Order compared to DalNet ... and I cringe.

*sigh* hey - if you guys get all this new power under the new, stupid rules, could you then make a whole bunch of us who haven't lost our minds opers, we could vote the old rules back, then we can all go back to being users again? I'm grasping at straws here ... I just am wracking my brain trying to think of anything helpful I can do and I'm coming up empty-handed. It terrifies me that everyone is talking about this as a done-deal, like there's not a hope left in the world ....