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I work to help run a nice little Internet Relay Chat network called sorcerynet. I've been working with it, in some capacity or another, for around five years now.

SorceryNet was created with a distinct set of principles and ideals that we pledged to follow. Even through the rough times, those have always been acknowledged as what we should be doing, even if when we weren't. We always knew what was right.

Last night someone proposed a change to the SorceryNet charter that rips the heart and soul out of the organization. It changes it from a network run with principles, into a playground where a very small and select group have absolute power to do anything they want. It rips apart our carefully setup democracy, where anyone, even your average user, was guaranteed the right to state their opinion on network policies.

And it presents a clear sentiment that any who still cling to their ideals, their belief in why the network was founded, should leave. After 5 years of hard work and dedicated effort, I wonder if it's time to move on. . . and I wonder how many others will likely be leaving, too. . .
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