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I went down to Subway for lunch today.

It's odd, you'd think I'd be sick of that place. I've eaten there more than anyone else I know, starting back almost 5 years ago now, when I worked right across the street from one.

I got my food and sat down with a book, eating and reading for a good half an hour, maybe 45 minutes. As I was getting ready to leave, one of the three girls working there (the cutest one, incidentally;-) came out to wipe down tables and such. She stopped near the table I was at, and asked me what I was reading.

We then spent a good 10 minutes or so discussing various books, authors, etc. She has a beautiful smile, too. I found out she's home from college right now, that she loves to read, and that she seems very friendly. I didn't get her name, which was quite stupid of me, but after talking, as I was cleaning up my stuff, she said that I should come back and talk to her again.

Of course, at that point my ego practically flew through the roof, as here's the very pretty girl telling me to come back and talk to her again. Of course, I'm sure she was just being polite, but still, it felt good.

Then, as I was walking out the door, I glanced back, and she smiled and waved to me from behind the counter.

You know, it would be just my luck that I meet a really interesting and friendly girl all of a week and a half before I move back halfway across the country again. ;-/
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