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Lord Yupa

February 2010

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Danger Mouse

Movie: The Fast and the Furious

I meant to throw up a short opinion on The Fast and the Furious a week ago, when I saw it, but I just haven't gotten around to it.

In short, the movie was very cool. Vin Diesel kicks much booty. There were some good driving and chase scenes, and overall, the movie was a lot of fun.

My one real complaint with it is Hondas.

Now, I like Hondas. I think they're really solid, dependable, good, cars. Heck, I'm even considering getting a Honda for my next car.


Hondas are not what comes to mind when you think of race cars. You usually think of a muscle car, like a Camaro, or a 'Vette, a Trans Am/Firebird, or an old school beast like a Charger, a GTO, a GTX, a 'Cuda, or a high end sports car, like a Viper, Ferrari, Lamborgini, etc. At least, those are what I think of when I think of racing cars.

In The Fast and the Furious, about 3 out of 4 cars were Hondas. By the end of the movie, you sort of felt like you were watching a Honda commercial.

There was one point where a guy in the movie was trying to push a heavily modified (4 banger, I think) Honda Civic to hit 140 mph. Thing is. . . a stock 2000 Corvette can hit a top speed of 170. And from what I recall of comments made in the movie, the mods on the Honda prolly put it in a similar price range to the vet.

So, if you don't mind seeing some Hondas, and are able to look past the Honda advertisement feeling, The Fast and the Furious was a cool flick. ;-)


True, but I don't know how familiar you are with the street racing and mods scene. The car of choice is the Honda Civic. It seriously looks like that in the street racing scenes I've seen in real life, so it never struck me as odd.

Yeah. . .

I know that Civic's are somewhat popular in street racing, but my limited experience has always shown a *little* more variation than I saw in the movie. ;-)

Especially 'cause it wasn't just the cars racing, but it seemed like over half the cars in the movie period were Hondas.

Well, that, and I still think modified Hondas make crappy race cars. ;-)

Re: Yeah. . .

Well, that, and I still think modified Hondas make crappy race cars. ;-)

hopefully the S2000 will change your mind on that...

Re: Yeah. . .

Ooh, I love the S2000's. ;-)

A guy I work with has one, and I drool over it every time I see it in the parking lot. Those are sweet little cars. ;-)

Although, even then, I think I'd see it more of as a beautiful little fun machine, rather than a racer. ;-)
The movie was made with street racing in mind. The person who did the consulting for the movie (also the person who provided his orange supra) is on the NIRA staff (National Import Racing Association). When they decided to do the movie they wanted it to reflect the actual street racing which takes place today. A Honda is definatly what comes to mind as a race car if you live in any of the larger cities and see what kind of street racing goes on. Living in the Seattle area I have seen plenty of this myself.

As far as the price comparison between the moded Civic and the stock Corvette the Civic would seriously kill the Corvette in a drag race. And if you don't believe that I will happily point you towards several Honda Civics running 9 and 10 second quarter miles =)

And ya I drive a Honda ;)

Not just the racing. . .

What annoyed me was not just the Hondas that were racing, although that's what I concentrated on above, but that half of the non-racing cars were Hondas, too. It seemed like everywhere you looked, you were seeing nothing but Honda's. ;-)

And while I've seen a handfull of modified Civics for street racing, I've never seen it make up the vast majority of the cars involved. There's usually a little more variation than shown in the movie.

As far as the performance between the two, I just mentioned the 'Vette because of a scene in the movie where someone was trying to push their Civic to 140 mph. It's true that in a quarter mile, a heavily modified Civic could often take a stock 'Vette, it still seemed excessive.

And while I've only seen a few street races, I have yet to see one where there wasn't a single muscle car. Honda Civics aren't the only thing that can be modified for drag racing. ;-)

Re: Not just the racing. . .

Ya Civic's are just the most popular application. Another good reason to not spend that kind of money on a Vette is when you are 21(like myself) insurance would be insane compared to a Civic(I drive an Accord) not to mention most people do modifications over several years to get the cars to that extreme. The movie had a descent amount of other cars like the Supra, Skyline GTR 34(drool), RX7 3rd gen, Maxima, F150 Lightning, '69 Charger, Eclipse...etc.etc.

I liked the movie quite a bit but I am an import car nut.

Personally I wanted to see a Maclaren in the movie smoking all of the cars ;)


by the by, GTO is a title for a car, so you should clarify that. like the '77 GTO was a Pontiac Le Mans, and the 2002 GTO may well be a Grand Prix..

I think the 68 or 69 GTO was a Charger..

Re: psst..

True. . . it's just that most things bearing that title in the late 60's and 70's were "real" muscle cars.

Re: psst..

2002 Grand Prix will have 350 horses in an Lsi engine. V6, to boot, iirc.


It's mine.

Re: psst..

Can you get a Grand Prix with a manual transmission?

If so, that car would rock. ;-)

oh, yeah..

And my friend has a Nissan Maxima that he has just refitted with 4" piston heads and rods, as well as a nitrous system ...


Re: oh, yeah..

I like the Maxima. The one in the movie was pretty quick. It belongs to the owner of the orange Supras wife IRL. Although he sold the Supra on Ebay for 120k.