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Lord Yupa

February 2010

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Annoying people. . .

Sometimes I wonder what comes over me. I can be such an annoying bastard in Instant Message sometimes. ;-)

I wouldn't be surprised if myriadwhispers makes it a point to avoid me after tonight. I sent her a message out of the blue, with nor warning, and pestered her pointless chatter until she finally tired of me and signed off.

If you're reading this, Dear Mary, I apologize for my boorish and boring ways, and hope you can forgive me. If not. . . well, that's okay too, I suppose. I'll simply resort to attempts at buying your forgiveness through cheesy gifts such as CDs filled with hand-picked bits of noise and stuff.

Good night, Fair Lady. Sleep well, and sweet dreams.



I am not mean like that! Heh.
And you're not annoying. :p

But you do lie like all hells!
I think it was your constant 'No, I'm not cute... but you're pretty!' falsehoods that led to my compy's temporary catatonic state. :p
bad, bad, bad Topher!

bad, silly, cute Topher!

No lies. . .

Not lies. . . I don't lie. Ever.

I may make jokes, exaggerate, stretch the truth, play semantics games, twist words, etc, but I always tell the truth.

You are cute, and I'm not. Such is life. ;-)
No...no I don't have a comment after all. Sorry to disappoint ;)


Some things never change. ;-)

It's nice to see you too, Heidi. ;-)

Re: Hrm.

I know it's nice to see me ;) Besides, since you're the arrogant bastard you so proudly declare yourself to be in your profile, you need someone who knows (at least pretty well) who you really are, to bring you down to earth once in a while...I just do it nicely now ;)

Re: Hrm.

Yes, I am proud of my honesty. ;-)

I actually put that in my profile partly to be funny, but more to push people away. . . I find myself spending way too much time on LiveJournal, and still not having enough time to read entries, post entries, and post comments as I'd like.

It is very good to see you again, though. I didn't really expect you to sign up on LiveJournal, but I'm glad to see that you did. ;-)