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Amusing response to a flame.

I just saw one of the more amusing responses to a flame a bit ago. Someone was commenting on how, while most BSD/Linux users are tolerant of their alter-OS counterparts, there are some who will never pass up a chance to start a fight, and fight dirty. Then somone jumped all over him about how he was completely wrong, etc, etc. A rather unfriendly, and unecessary, flame. Here was the original poster's response to the mailing list:
Wow. Thanks Nathan. I don't think I could have asked for a better example of the kind of attitude people have so much trouble with. You got it all in there. Vitriolic & condescending tone. Biased perception of what I said. Partisan reinterpretation of facts and statements. And, to top it off, an ad homen personal insult. Priceless.

No, need to reply and explain again the many ways that you're right and I'm wrong. Really. I quite understand you. And this thread really should be allowed to die.

I am amused. ;-)

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