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Lord Yupa

February 2010

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Danger Mouse

New York question.

I don't suppose anyone out there who might be from the New York City area knows if there's a way to get from New York City to Long Island (specifically, Jones Beach) via train/subway/etc, is there?

Me and a friend of mine are trying to determine the best way to get there, and with neither of us ever having been there before, we're not sure if we should drive down or take the train to NYC and go from there.

Thanks for any help anyone might have. ;-)


Yes, there is

The Long Island Rail Road (LIRR)

If memory serves me right, they have train/bus service out to Jones Beach during the summer months. You should give them a call and see what the schedules are.

You could also drive, but depending when you're planning to drive, traffic and parking could really be a bitch. Need driving directions to the general area?

- M

Re: Yes, there is

Thanks a lot for the info. ;-)
definitely, the LIRR goes out there. It's not a bad ride.


Knock yourself out.

Cool, thanks.

Cool, thanks for the link. ;-)

Long Island

Long Island railroad looks like your best shot. I don't know the details EXACTLY from NYC but here's the website for the LIRR:

Come visit me at BNL! For the love of God I'm bored silly here smack dab in the middle of the Island! (I'm pretty close to the station in Shirley - or whatever they call the stop - maybe they call it Shirley).
So, if I ever get my damn car accelerating, you could take the LIRR to Shirley, give me a call and we could like, have a road trip!

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