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Lord Yupa

February 2010

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Danger Mouse

What smells?

A friend of mine's birthday is coming up soon, and he was complaining the other day about how almost all of his colognes are empty.

He's someone who prides himself on always looking and smelling good, so cologne is something he takes fairly seriously. It also ought to make a good gift. ;-)

So, my question is, Ladies, what are your favorite colognes for guys to wear? Do you have any particular scent that you particularly like?

Your help is much appreciated. ;-)


Well, like I said t'other day... I used to really like Drakar Noir, and I wasn't kidding when I said I sometimes liked the smell of Old Spice. But OS is so... dad. :>

Cool. . .

Yeah, Drakkar Noir is one I'm definitely considering. . . I have a bad feeling he wouldn't take Old Spice the right way if I got that for him, though. <g>

Re: Cool. . .

The Alfred Sung ladies perfume is quite nice... so check out what he's got for men.

Re: Cool. . .

Thanks, I'll do that. ;-)
Candies for Men! Yum!
My brother wore Safari. I always loved that scent. I think he still wears it though he also wears Jean Paul Gaultier's scent too.

My other brother wears Chrome, Nautica or Cool Water. All those are pretty good too.

I think my favorite is the Safari though.

Safari rules. ;-)

Safari is one of my favorites, too.

I'd rank it easily among my top couple colognes. ;-)

Re: Safari rules. ;-)

Ahhh. But do you wear it? If so, how do you stop people from burying their noses in your neck and sniffing? *grin*

I love that smell. S'yummy.

Re: Safari rules. ;-)

In a bizarre twist of coincidence, I'm actually wearing it right now. ;-)

Luckily, I'm ugly enough that people generally aren't willing to get that close to my neck. *grin*

Re: Safari rules. ;-)

You know I'm not buying this ugly thing at all, right? ;)

Re: Safari rules. ;-)

Yes, I'm rather noticing that. ;-)

You should, though. In my experience, there are far more ugly people than pretty people, so the odds are stacked on me being one of the majority, one of the ugly people

Ah, well. I'll be able to prove it to you all soon. ;-)

Re: Safari rules. ;-)

Put your money where your mouth is. :P I make no calls until I've seen said proof.

(And if you've seen my pic, you'd know I am in the people you claim are the majority. But, I'm pretty on the inside, dammit. :))
Cool Water or Polo Sport.
Soap and water?

Bah. ;-p

Last I heard, soap and water don't qualify as a cologne. ;-p

Re: Bah. ;-p

But it's so sexy! It smells like 'Heyla, I noticed chicks dig men who don't reek of sweat or fake scent!@'
I'll put my vote in for Safari as well. And B&BW sells a nifty "stress relief" spray that smells of eucalyptus and spearmint :)
Mmmm...Cool Water, Safari and...that cheap one that Abercrombie & Fitch sells...Woods or something like that? They spritz all the clothes with it to make you by the cologne.
He changed cologne, and now he doesn't smell quite the same way


Imagine that :-)
eau de tim roth.

*nods solemnly*

whatever he wears, I'm sure it's hypnotically nummy.

Or mebbe that's just him. *g*