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Lord Yupa

February 2010

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Frog Wizard

More Concerts. . .

Whoa. . . I was browsing the web, and I saw that Depeche Mode is playing at Madison Square Garden tonight and tomorrow night in NY City. This bummed me out for a few moments, as I'd really wanted to see that show, but had forgotten about it.

But, then I saw they were playing Jones Beach on Long Island on July 3rd. . . so just for kicks, I called up a friend of mine and asked her if she was a Depeche Mode fan. . .

The tickets have now been bought, and we'll be seeing Depeche Mode next week. <g>



Depeche Mode are going to be at merriweather in July and I can't go. I am not happy. This will be the third time i've missed seeing them.

Re: grrr....

Oh. . . that sucks. ;-/

Are they coming anywhere else near enough to catch them?

I hope you manage to see them sometime.
well toph what ya should do is like go see a concert in england and ill go with you!!
Convince him by pre-purchasing him some tickets for Reading. :>
good idea! *gets onto the ticket office*

Actually. . .

If I can swing things, I'd really like to do that at some point. ;-)
I'm going to see them tonight. *grin* I bought the tickets over 2 months ago.

I know, I know... you're probably going to damn me, aren't you? :(


...that's my job, thank you very much.

Damn you. Damn you to hell!

Have fun, oh damned one.

Of course not. ;-)

I'm sure I'd never do anything like that. ;-)

(At least, not since I managed to get tickets to see them next week. . . Now, if I'd missed them entirely. . . things might have gotten ugly (And since I'm an ugly guy to start with, things get really bad in a hurry)) ;-)

Re: Of course not. ;-)

Just so you know...

Concert was pretty damn good. They did a lot of new stuff rather than old, and it seemed to be more mellow stuff too. But I had a *really* good time at the show.

I'm sure you'll have a good time.

Oh and I doubt you're ugly. :P I am though, so getting ugly is never a good idea.

Re: Of course not. ;-)

Sounds good, I can't wait to see them. ;-)

And I am actually quite ugly. It's one of the few things I do well. ;-)

Re: Of course not. ;-)

I actually liked the show enough to see if I could get tickets for Jones Beach. But the day is bad, I work till 10p at night on Tuesdays and there was NO way my boss was gonna give me another day off.

As for the other statement, to quote Nicholas - "Bah."

Ooh, Jones Beach

Have you been there before, Toph? It's this amazing open air theatre, built right on the water, literally. The stage is actually in the water. I saw Jimmy Buffett there. It's actually about a 20-30 min drive from where I am right now. :)

Re: Ooh, Jones Beach

Nope, never been there before. Depeche Mode will be my 'first time'. ;-)

That sounds really cool, though, so now I'm really excited to check it out. ;-)