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Lord Yupa

February 2010

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Frog Wizard

Scruffy lookin'.

I'm feeling rather scruffy lookin' today. I didn't bother to shave this morning (common thing for me, I hate shaving, so I tend to do it only every other day or two). It's more than that, though. I need a haircut pretty badly. I was thinking about doing that tonight, but I'm still feeling really exhausted, so I'll prolly just go home, take a nap, watch a movie, go to sleep, and worry about getting a haircut tomorrow.

I'm thinking about growing some sideburns. No, not big honking lamb chop sideburns like Elvis or Danzig. . . just your normal average "look at me, I'm cool" sideburns.

I've never had them, now that I think about it. I've always kept the hair on the sides of my head really short (I can't stand having hair on my ears) and as an extension to that, I usually cut it pretty straight across at a level with the top of my ear.

What do you all think? Sideburns good? Bad?

I'm gonna look like an idiot no matter what I decide, so I guess it's not that big of a deal. One of the benefits of being an ugly guy. ;-)


Sorry, I can't possibly give an opinion on what you should do with your hair without seeing a picture of you first :)

Grrr. ;-)

I should have expected something liket his from you. ;-)

And it's sideburns, not hair. My hair I'm cutting shortly. (Well, shortly as in time, not hair length;-)
I don't know what you look like, so I can't say for sure. But sideburns okay-goatee much better.

Cool. ;-)

I've actually got a goatee/mustache going right now. ;-)

And one of these days, I will get a picture of myself to post. ;-)

you're not ugly

you're just being a putz:)

I myself favor the neck-beard, but ya gotta shave your face entirely for full effect.

(to anyone wanting to suggest somethin' - toph has a lot of long curly glossy black hair and occasionally beard of the same, and dark eyes. he is the exact opposite of ugly.)

Re: you're not ugly

oh! You wouldn't happen to have a picture of Topher you can share with the rest of us? Some have been waiting for over 4 years through excuses after excuses. :)

Re: you're not ugly

I do indeed - but they were taken whilst he was unaware, and I fear death if I post 'em :)

Re: you're not ugly

oh nonononono! You see, during his last round of excuses as to why he didn't have a picture to give me, I had mentioned someone I met online who he was supposed to try to get a picture from. He assured me that no such person existed and that if there were pictures of him available from another person, I could have them. So! Toph, you CAN'T back out this time! I want a picture! :)

Re: you're not ugly


When did this happen? ;-p

The only picture I can think of that you might have of me is the one that Kat (sp?) took of us way back. . . and that one ended up being pretty blurry. . .

Now I'm worried. ;-p

Re: you're not ugly

I am being a putz. ;-)

But, that doesn't mean I'm not ugly!

I don't think I could stand a neck-beard. Whenever I get lazy and go extended periods of time without shaving, my neck is always the first place to start complain about being uncomfortable and itchy.

My hair is actually a very dark brown, but it is definitely long and curly/wavy.

But that still doesn't make me not ugly! ;-)

Re: you're not ugly

Someone is cruising for a picture-posting ;-)

Face it, you aren't ugly. You aren't even endearingly misshapen, in the manner of Shrek. You are an incredibly good-looking guy. So get used to it! :P

Yes, I do have kat-pictures of you, as well as some snaps of you dozing on your couch with your dog... will dig in packing-boxes later this evening.

Topher pictures?

*tries not to salivate too much*

Definnitely not droolable. . .

Trust me, pictures of me are definitely not droolable. ;-)

Unlike a certain you, I'm not a cute and good looking person. I'm much more of a big ugly dorky looking person.

Unfortunately, I'll prolly end up scaring everyone away as soon as I get my new camera and post pictures of myself. ;-)

Re: Definnitely not droolable. . .

See- I generally like da guys that describe themselves as 'big, ugly, and dorky' lookin'. So nyah!
Many, many Nyahs upon thee!

and get a rush on those pictuahs! *looks around for her cat-o'-nine*

The whole female population o' LJ is a'waitin'! *g*

Re: Definnitely not droolable. . .

Yeah, but it's easy to say you like "big, ugly, and dorky" when you don't have to actually see it, let alone meet it or be around it in person. ;-)

Just don't let your hopes get too high, 'cause I really am rather less than impressive looking. ;-)