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Lord Yupa

February 2010

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Lord Yupa

Breaking up is hard to do....for friends.

I had a nice little chat with one of my closest friends today. She's decided to break up with her boyfriend, and fiance, of three years or so, I believe.

She's asked me to come with her when she breaks up with him. Part of it is because she knows I'll always support her 100% in her decision, and partly because of my not insignificant size. I don't anticipate that he'll give us any trouble, physically, but it's best to be on the safe side. He's not usually a violent person, but one of the reasons that she's leaving him is because his drinking has gotten excessive. He used to be only an occasional social drinker, but he's gotten to the point where he's extremely drunk every weekend.

She's leaving him next Friday, so I'll let you all know what happens with it then.



that is a tough stop. i have been in your situation (minus the significant size, i've more the 'scrappers' build, 5'8 150 lbs.)

but femme friends don't have any qualms about asking me to come with them in tough times with exes and such. that's mostly because i am diplomatic, calm and normally a pretty good speaker.

(being scrapper size there are 2 things that are a must.
1. i damn well better be a good speaker, to sway larger humans from putting my dentist in a higher tax bracket.
2. run so fast that flash gordon asks me to spot him a mile in the mile 1/2 run. - i got that run down below 9 mintues, so i'm getting there.
and if those 2 fail, i guess it'd be a good idea to know how to fight. between the 3 of those, i've alsways faired well.)

good luck with the situation. my best go to your friend.