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Lord Yupa

February 2010

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Frog Wizard


Bleh. . . I was up until 2am working on some stuff last night, which really sucks since I had to get up at 6:30 am so I could pick up a co-worker who is in need of a ride today and tomorrow.

I'm feeling absolutely crappy right now, and I'd love to be able to sit back for a nap for a few hours. . . and I'll prolly do just that as soon as I get home from work.

How is it that today is only Wednesday? It feels like it should be at least Thursday, and more likely Friday.

Sometimes I really hate going to work.


I know how you feel...

I was up until 4:45 working on my english paper that was due today. But then I was so awake that I laid in bed for about half an hour til I fell asleep. Erf. Can't wait til my class is over.

Week is going by too slowly, that's prolly because my friend that I haven't seen in two months is coming to visit me, and Friday I get my wisdom teeth removed and would just like that experience over and done with! Bleh! :

Hrm... maybe will go to bed early tonight... you prolly should too. :)

Re: I know how you feel...


I thought I was up late. . . that's brutal. ;-/

I did manage to get a decent night's sleep last night, and I felt so much better this morning. Tonight's won't be quite as good, but I should manage 6-7 hours. ;-)

I hope you've managed to get yourself some sleep, too. ;-)