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Lord Yupa

February 2010

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Frog Wizard

G3 will happen.

I just bought tickets to see the G3 concert in New York City on Friday, July 13th.

I think the person I was planning to have join me is going to have to cancel, though, so I'm likely going to end up with an extra ticket. . . and I have no idea who else to bring. This rather sucks, and I hope I can find someone.



Re: Who...

Oh, God no. ;-)

G3 is the name Joe Satriani came up with. I think it's for "Guitar 3" or something like that.

Basically, it features Joe Satriani, (nearly always) Steve Vai, and some other guitarist (originally Eric Johnson).

They tour around as prolly the most talented rock guitar tour in the world, and kick some major booty. ;-)

This year, replacing Eric Johnson, is John Petrucci, guitarist of Dream Theater, and part of the Liquid Tension Experiment.

So, basically, the G3 concert is Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, and John Petrucci. They're all pretty freakin' amazing. ;-)

Re: Who...

Cool. Incidentally, I didn't seriously think it was a mac concert, that was a joke. :) But now I know what it actually is, which is cool. Enjoy the concert. :)

Re: Who...

i would *so* love to go with you, satriani and vai are brilliant enough, and i know dream theater is pretty good, shit man TAKE ME WITH YOU!! *sniffle* *bites lip*

Re: Who...

If you can get here, you can go. ;-)

Re: Who...

i would gladly, cept i get back from the states on the 12th and have to work on the 13th:P

Re: Who...

Awwww. . . *sniffle*