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Gotta see G3.

Just found out G3 is touring again, if in a slightly altered form.

A few years ago, Joe Satriani got Steve Vai and Eric Johnson to join him for a tour. For those not familiar with these guys, Satriani and Vai are about the two best known rock guitarists in instrumental rock, and Johnson is a very well known and influential blues rock guitarist. All three are able to release instrumental solo albums and actually sell them.

To summarize, they're really freakin' good.

I missed 'em last time, but I just found out they're playing in New York City July 13th and 14th. I will see them.

The one change from the original lineup is that Eric Johnson isn't touring with them. That sucks, 'cause I'd like to see him, but John Petrucci is taking his place, and John kicks some major booty too. (You might know him from Dream Theater or Liquid Tension Experiment, if you're familiar with Progressive Rock).

Tomorrow morning, I either find someone else who's willing to join me for that show, or I go alone. I will not miss it. ;-)

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