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Playing with the perl client. [Update]

I figured I needed something that worked right that involved Perl for a change, so I grabbed and I'm trying the LiveJournal perl client.

It's really rather nifty, I have to say. Better and more fully featured than I'd expected, if not quite up to the same level as LoserJabber (LogJam) and the Win32 client.

Hrm. . . that does remind me, though, that I need to add another LJ user icon here soon. ;-)

[Updated]: Hrm, I've just found a problem with the perl client. It seems to set the "Don't Auto-format" option, even when you tell it to auto-format your entry. I'm having to go through and fix it from the web client, right now.

Maybe if I get motivated, I'll look into that later.
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